I have decided to write a story about my ups and downs in life. This probably will never be a best seller or  a blog EVERYONE knows about, but hey non of that matters :P 

  I wish to document the things i remember and the things i wish to forget. You see, I tend to forget the things that shouldn’t be forgotten and remember the the things I wish I could forget. 

For example, 

      When an ex stabs me over and over and over in the back. 


        I tend to forget those things. 

  On that note all the stories in this blog are true. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of my friends and my ex’s. 

       I will not apologize for writing things the way i saw them and I certainly will not write to please my ex’s. How I write is is how I saw and if you don’t like it, well don’t stalk my blog :) 

My name is Sterling ~ Lets begin ~